A Decade Together, Our Commitment is Forever - Metis Global Group Celebrates its 10th Anniversary(英語版のみ)

2023 is a year to be remembered as Metis Global Group has reached our 10th anniversary. During this challenging and ever-changing decade after its establishment, Metis has upheld our promise in assisting clients and business partners thrive.

      Metis’ anniversary main visual features the trust triangle representing the relationship among the settlor, trustee, and beneficiary. The glittering colour and wavy lines symbolise the sun shining on the sea of prosperity as if Metis helps clients preserve their assets.

      Metis Global Group was founded in 2013, when the market offered trust services only to high-net-worth individuals and the need of the affluent market to protect and appreciate their assets was less addressed. The idea of providing affordable trust services in the whole of Asia and across the globe was developed.

      Rooted in Hong Kong, Metis expanded to the Cook Islands in 2016 and made the advantages of trust formation in the Cook Islands known to a wider public. Three years later, the team managed to fulfil the stringent regulations and successfully landed in Singapore. Over the years, Metis has gradually built a vast clientele and steady business in northeast Asia. Most notably, the Group has recorded a threefold increase in the number of clients despite the unprecedented pandemic that has swept the world since 2019.

      In recent years, the Group has become the first official “International Professional Partners Firm” in Asia of the Chartered Insurance Institute and has won Bloomberg Businessweek’s “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” for four consecutive years. These honours from professional institutions prove both the team’s expertise in the industry and the effort Metis puts in to achieve the highest perfection.

      Looking ahead, Metis expect to expand the business in Southeast Asia. It also seeks to diversify investment options by partnering with different financial institutions so our clients can have a free choice in wealth management. Metis would also like to take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to the business partners and clients for their continued support and trust and promise to serve our clients with utmost sincerity and dedication in more decades to come.

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