2019 - Your Gatekeeper on the Route to Success

Since its establishment, Metis Global Limited has been adhering to the philosophy of protecting clients’ asset with the highest standards and acting as a gatekeeper. Through years of experience in the wealth management industry, Metis understands how to help clients to achieve effective asset allocation, wealth management and legacy planning. Whilst celebrating our 5th anniversary, Metis is honored to receive the “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” granted by Bloomberg Businessweek. With our professional team members working wholeheartedly, Metis will continue to provide the finest services to our clients across Asia.

      Dr. German Cheung, the Founder and Chairman of Metis Global Group

      Diversify Allocation, Balancing Risk and Return

      Dr. German Cheung, the Founder and Chairman of Metis Global Limited and Metis Global (Cook Islands) Limited said, “The market is constantly fluctuating, and so are the risks and opportunities that lie within. The secret to steady wealth accumulation will be asset allocation. What Metis do, is that we help our clients to minimize risks and effectively avoid excessive uncertainties. Through such a process, assets can be allocated efficiently, achieving the optimal balance between risk and return.”

      Generalizing the Concept of Trust

      Conventional Trusts were originally designed in a complex structure to benefit the high-net-worth individuals, which could be expensive to administer. Metis, with a unique market positioning, develops innovative and diverse trust services that breakthrough such traditional barriers, introducing the concept and benefits of trusts to the general public.

      In 2016, Metis extended its service and set up a subsidiary in Cook Islands, a world-renowned jurisdiction for its trust law, and launched a market-leading discretionary trust that was uniquely designed for middle to high-net-worth individuals. With both Hong Kong and Cook Islands trusts available, Metis and Metis CI aim to provide complete product coverage with a full spectrum of asset planning and wealth management tools to assist our clients in achieving asset accumulation and preservation.

      Risk Management Creates Value

      Metis understands steady wealth accumulation is the source of security for every family. Thus, while we provide tailor-made asset allocation options for our clients, we also strictly review the terms of each product to ensure their quality, legality and competency. Our team of professionals is constantly strengthening their risk management skills and developing advanced information technology support to form a set of risk management mechanisms. Metis vows to undergo the highest standard of risk management and due diligence process to warrant the quality of the products we provide. As a gatekeeper for our clients’ assets, Metis is proud to be your Partner For Trust!

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