Metis Honoured with Bloomberg Businessweek Excellence Award of Trustee Service for Third Consecutive Year

Metis Global Limited ("Metis") is proud to share the pleasure and honour of winning the 2021 Excellence Award of Trustee Service at the prestigious Financial Institution Awards by Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition for the third year in a row. Metis' mission has always been to provide the most comprehensive trust services in Asia since its establishment and after years of hard work, passion, and enthusiasm, Metis is proud to be recognized once again. Receiving this award represents high recognition of our dedication and success in providing best-in-class trust services to the mass market.

Metis Honoured with Bloomberg Businessweek Excellence Award of Trustee Service for Third Consecutive Year

Despite the global turmoil, Metis stays agile and continued to see and seize opportunities for growth, moving forward with plans for expanded international operations. And through appropriate planning, structured saving, and utilizing the proper financial management tools, clients can rest assured that care and attention will be at the forefront. Furthermore, as we are keenly aware that innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve in today's competitive and fast-moving business world, Metis has constantly driven innovation across our businesses to help clients protect, grow, and pass on their assets.

During the year, we continued to focus on delivering excellent user experiences through Metis' core values — Making an impact, Empowerment, Teamwork, Integrity, and Service to others. We therefore constantly improve our processes, tools, and systems to empower our business partners and our clients. "We are proud and pleased to receive this award for the third time in a row. We will continue to optimize our services and products to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals in the future. While advancing with the times, we will stay true to our values and have our clients' best interests at heart," said Dr. German Cheung, Founder and Chairman of Metis Global Group.

In these challenging times, Metis has always believed that thoughtful estate/tax planning can ensure clients and their loved ones are well-protected. At Metis, the protection and benefits that Trust brings are no longer exclusive to high-net-worth individuals but are to all. "To be a long-term trustworthy partner that delivers diversified trust plans to meet the needs of our partners and clients". With this vision at heart, Metis is driven to design uniquely tailored trust plans.

Moving forward, Metis will remain innovative and adaptive to continually enhance its bespoke trust services and tailored legal, fiscal, and financial solutions to enable worldwide clients to achieve their wealth objectives and peace of mind—and that, is the company's firm promise to you.

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