Metis and Chartered Insurance Institute Embark on Another Year of Collaboration

Following the success of the previous collaboration, Metis Global Group is delighted to announce the continuation of its partnership with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and looks forward to further strengthening our exchanges and collaborations.

      Metis Global Group is pleased to support the Dive In Hong Kong event, which facilitates an inclusive work culture based on mutual respect.

      Kicking off this year's collaboration is Metis' participation in CII's annual Dive In Hong Kong event as a joint sponsor. Representatives of the Group were invited to join numerous panel discussions and a presentation themed around “Building and Sustaining an Inclusive Culture” on 27 September 2023 with insightful takeaways.

      Next up Metis' legal expert at the Cook Islands will feature an article in the October to November issue of CII's official magazine, The Asia-Pacific Journal, introducing a key advantage of Cook Islands trust law. Metis' members and business partners are also offered an opportunity to enrol in the LEAD (Learning, Enhancement and Development) programme, specifically designed by CII for the Group and commencing in November, to upgrade their professional knowledge and navigate the dynamic and challenging industry environment. Metis will also become a joint sponsor of CII's "Singapore Future Insurance Leaders" event to contribute to fostering industry talents and development.

      Metis became CII's first International Professional Partners Firm (IPPF) in Asia last year. This partnership allows our Group's members and business partners to have priority to enrol in CII's training courses, enriching their financial and wealth planning knowledge. By supporting CII's professional and charitable activities, Metis also contributes to industry and society, enhancing its reputation and image.

      Metis is honoured and finds it meaningful to continue this positive collaboration with CII for the current year and yearns to witness the fruitful results of the joint effort.

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