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Client Account Registration and Activation:
For plan owner, please follow the instruction below to input and submit corresponding [Client Number] and [Plan Number] respectively as stated in your [Plan Schedule].
If the entered information matches with our system record, an email providing details about the [Activation Link] and [Activation Code] will be sent to your provided email address at Metis.
Upon receiving the email, you just have to click on the [Activation Link], follow by entering your [Client Number] and [Activation Code] for the activation page. The last step is to assign your own personalized password before completing the client account registration and activation process.

Client No.
Plan No.

(Upon submitting required information) We will immediately send the [Activation Code] to your provided email address at Metis. The client account will be ready for use upon completing the registration and activation process.

Reminding Note:
If the plan is owned by more than one plan owner, EACH plan owner has to go through the client account registration and activation process individually.
If a client happens to own more than ONE plan, he/she will have only ONE [Client Number]. He/She just has to register and activate his/her client account ONCE, with any one of his/her [Plan Numbers].

Note: If no email address has been provided during the plan application process,    please fill-in the [Change in Personal Information form] , get it signed before submitting the form to Metis. We’ll then act accordingly upon receiving your request form.

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