The 5 “Focuses” Metis is bringing to ensure the safety of clients’ assets

Focus on Authenticity

Metis Global Limited and Metis Global (Cook Islands) Limited are both certified licensees and are strictly compliant with local regulations and Commissions.

Metis Global Limited – Trust or Company Service Provided License No. TC000561

Focus on Security

Adopts a third-party custody system that separates Clients’ assets with Metis’. As the appointed Trustee, Metis can operate the transactions but has no right to take the liberty of using clients’ assets. 

Focus on Risk Management

∎ Metis partners with the Top Auditing Firms EY and KPMG to ensure the safety of clients’ assets.

∎ Metis’ asset management team consists of elites and had established a layered risk management process that separates decision making with inspection.

∎ Metis works with local law firms and seeks for legal advice to ensure compliance requirements are reinforced while expanding its business globally.

Focus on Information Encryption

Metis introduces the highest level of information security SSL encryption technology and has in place a private firewall that protects clients’ information and data.

Focus on Asset Choices

Metis joins hands with more than 20 international financial institutions and offers more than 100 asset choices for our clients to choose from.

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